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To whom it may concern,

"Estrogen and My Sense of Well-Being"

I am writing this letter as a testament to how estrogen dramatically changed my sense of well-being. I recently learned from my cardiologist that my estrogen level was that of a child under the age of six. He explained to me that since it had been eight years since my hysterectomy my postmenopausal issues might not be effectively treated with hormones. However, I was referred to Dr. Gordon Gunn for consideration of hormone therapy.

In summary: I fell into a deep depression over three years ago, which I attributed to real life changing tragedies. Loo of three immediate family members in one week, divorce, grand theft and sabotage with my business and my closest and trusted friends justified the reasons for my depression. I sought professional help when I had little will to live. I am going on two years of maximum doses of two antidepressants, which alleviated most of the emotional and mental anguish. Yet I remain reclusive, unmotivated, emotionally numb, and incapable of focusing associated with memory loss. I could not articulate my thoughts verbally and my employees were finishing my sentences. My self-confidence was nonexistent. Realizing I likely had early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease I got my affairs in order. Between my psychiatrist, cardiologist and neurologist it was finally agreed to begin cognitive testing. Meanwhile, at the suggestion of my cardiologist I made an appointment with Dr. Gunn to seek information on hormone therapy. Dr. Gunn took my situation seriously, asked me many questions and gave me detailed explanation as to what I may expect with a trial of estrogen replacement. He was sincere and genuinely cared about my particular case. He reassured me I would feel better physically and mentally shortly.

Surprisingly, within days of using the estrogen patches I felt as though the fog I lived in for several years was lifted. I had clarity of my surroundings. Progressively over the four weeks that I’ve been on estrogen replacement I have become stronger, in control, my vocabulary has grown tremendously and my self-confidence has improved greatly. I feel genuine happiness again and laugh hard and frequently – Just as I did 5 to 7 years ago. I had forgotten the feeling of my stomach muscle aching after a good laugh. It is difficult explaining the many extraordinary changes without saying the generic quote “I didn’t believe I could ever feel this way again.” However, this is a fact. This is very really – my life, my mind, and my value of self, have been restored.

I have a brain MRI in four days, with and without contrast, for the dementia I no longer have. I will not cancel the test regardless of the fact that the fog that I’ve lived in dissipated. I want to prove to the three doctors my “mental illness” was due to lack of estrogen. I realize hindsight is 20/20, but I wish my psychiatrist had tested my hormone levels prior to giving me mass doses of antidepressants. I don’t hold him accountable but I realize most women are grossly misdiagnosed. There is no greater disease than mental illness as one is incapable of making decisions for themselves. All women deserve to have focus, clarity of thought and mind, self-confidence, healthy self-esteem and the power to not allow those around you to become abusive, simply because they can. I am back in the driver’s seat and forging ahead with reassurance all my life challenges will be dealt with logically with focus and a strong and determine "Me."

Jennifer T.

Dr. Gunn has been my "Primary Care" physician since before there was even such a concept, well over 20 years.

His message has always been that we women must make ourselves and our health a priority and that we are worth the effort. I will gladly pay for his expertise and the reading and research that he does to remain current and informed regarding my health. I have never once in all these years felt rushed during an appointment or that any question I had was unimportant. When larger health issues arose, it was Dr. Gunn that I called first and it is his opinion and referral that I value most.

Patricia F.

Dear Dr. Gunn,

I know that this is late in coming, but I promised you I would share how your Concierge Program and the Boston Life Plan have changed my life. I have benefited from your programs greatly. Not forgetting it was you who made all this possible. Thank you.

Here is my story:

Let’s start with your Concierge Program. It was December 2016, and I found myself in the hospital for three days suffering from a respiratory infection. I remained ill through January and was in the worst physical state I had ever been.

Along with my physical state being at an all-time low. So was my mental status. I had stopped psychotropic medications in September of 2016 due to side effects. My therapist had passed away and my psychiatrist was no longer practicing. Life was extremely difficult then and could not help myself. I got to the point I didn’t care about anything anymore.

My husband, who was desperate to get me help, remembered I had join your Concierge Program. I called you after hours; in fact, right after you had undergone surgery. Y called me back within 30 minutes! We had a little talk and you gave me some hope. On my follow-up visit, you had promised me that you would find me a good psychiatrist within 24 hours and you kept that promise. It was a difficult task and I was aware of the hours involved. I started treatment with Dr. Aliji in February 2017 and I am now “back to normal.” Thank you for finding Dr. Aliji for me.

Secondly, I want to talk about The Boston Life Plan. After I recuperated from physical illness I visited you again. I remember telling you that I was willing to try almost anything to help myself get into a better physical state. I made a promised you and myself that I would “give” everything a year to see what would happen. I also told you that at the end of the year if things hadn’t changed, I was ready to quit everything – I mean everything. At this time, you introduced me the Boston Life Plan of which I have benefited in many ways.

As you remember, I didn’t jump into the program totally, I took tiny steps. First, it was the Boston Diagnostic Report. My report wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. I had some numbers that were definitely not within normal limits.

You suggested I take supplements that would get those "bad" numbers to, at least normal, limits. I wasn’t totally convinced at this point. However, when I saw the numbers on my first follow up blood test, I was very pleased to see I was getting closer to my goal of getting within the normal limits. What a pleasant surprise. I was not convinced the supplements were working. As time went by, I developed a new habit of taking my supplements daily AND at the right time. At first, it was difficult to remember what to take and when but now I do it without even thinking about it. I can hardly wait to see my numbers in November.

Next, I stated the food plan, a personalized food plan made just for me. This has been the hardest for me to follow. It had been years since I counted calories and it was difficult to change an old habit. I’m still working at it though. I’ve learned what foods are high in carbs and to avoid them. I no longer drink any soda op or other sugared drinks. This alone has been a big step for me. I also try to make sure I get my necessary proteins on a daily basis. I haven’t mastered the food plan entirely but I continue to work on it.

My next goal is to start a walking program for exercise. I feel better just knowing I am doing something positive for myself. I feel better overall physically now and am happy to continue in such a positive direction.

I've told you before and I'll say it again, you saved a life in a way you probably never thought you would. Thank you so much for your understanding, help and encouragement I will always be grateful to you.

Wendy F.

It just needs to be said, I really enjoy the Concierge Program and wasn’t so sure when it was presented to me if I would.

But on a personal note, I get my appointment when they are convenient to me, my questions are answered in a timely manner and Dr. Gunn’s team are all very personal and willing to help any way they can.

My blood work is great! Off of three medications, only take hormone replacement and I have never felt better. If your serious about your body getting balanced and be the best possible you, my advice to anyone who needs a wake-up call for your body, health and stay on track to feel better and not cranky, try the program for a year and pass the good news along. We need to be stewards of the body God gave us.

Sincerely a NEW BALANCED me,

Connie W.