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A Partnership for Concierge Personalized Care

"Decades of incorporating scientific medical research with my personal clinical experience has clearly demonstrated that comprehensive medical assessments and preventive medical care can stop and even reverse the course of the diseases responsible for the quality of our lives over our lifespan."

"Achieving the reality of living well (HealthSpan) and potentially realizing a longer healthy life (Lifespan or Longevity) is possible for most individuals. Establishing a collaborative partnership with my patients and taking time to listen and learn about their personal health goals provides me a foundation for outlining a personalized and comprehensive medical management program. My program is based on a foundation of Four Basic LifeStylesNutrition, Exercise, Stress Management with Meditation and Sleep."

"Health is a moving target."
My goal: "Putting my patients in the driver’s seat."

Gordon Gunn, M.D.

Longevity Program

Your Health, Your Body, Your Heart. It’s Your Life!

Wellness is a dynamic process that often changes with age and is influenced by genetics, lifestyle habits and circumstance. Learning the current state of your wellness improves your knowledge base, helps you set goals for your health, learn about your options and empowers you to make better choices for a longer and healthier life.

My goal:
Provide my patients an accurate and educated picture of their physical and emotional wellness and a basic understanding of the role that cholesterol, inflammation, arterial plaque and genetics play in their risks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia and auto-immune diseases. Further, understanding the importance of their intestinal biome, nutrition, weight, exercise, stress management, meditation, smoking, and blood pressure is essential for achieving an optimal quality of life and improved sense of well-being.

With this foundation I am able to provide my patients with a proactive lifestyle plan that, if adapted, will have a dramatic effect on lowering their lifetime risks of having a future cardio-vascular event (heart attack or stroke), complications of diabetes, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s. Hopefully, this will be a lifetime journey. The process isn’t complicated, but success does require a constant commitment to learning and being consistent in practicing their new lifestyle habits. I am constantly uplifted by the achievements of my patients. At times, their results are just plain awesome.